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July 1, 2022

Which topsoil do I need?

If you’re planning to landscape your garden but aren’t sure which type of soil you need for the job, we can help! We supply three grades of soil products and offer an unbeatable delivery service via our own fleet of vehicles across Essex and Suffolk. 

Premium blended loam topsoil

If you’re landscaping your garden with turf, our premium blended loam topsoil is the soil of choice when preparing the ground ready to lay new turf. So what makes it so great? 

  • It helps to create a good firm base without divots
  • It’s very easy to rake and level
  • It doesn’t contain stones
  • It’s packed full of nutrients to promote even growth

This is our best-selling topsoil by far as it is so multi-functional – you can also use it to build up levels and improve the soil in your flower beds and borders. 

Soil Improver

Our quality soil improver will do exactly what it says on the tin – improve the quality of your soil. It’s produced from composted biodegradable materials and is packed with micro-organisms that will help your plants grow healthily. Our soil improver will also help to enhance the drainage properties of your garden soil, and allow the soil to hold water and air; what does this mean for your plants? Healthy soil = strong, beautiful plants.

Use when planting trees and shrubs and you could also use it as a mulch to help prevent weeds and erosion of the soil.

Sandy Loam

Our sandy loam is packed with essential nutrients to help restore and renew the growth of turf. Screened to 6mm, this incredibly fine loam soil will help patchy or bare turf to regenerate quickly when mixed with grass seed. It will also help to enhance drainage and level out any uneven surfaces. So if your lawn is looking a bit tired (and bald), this is the soil for you!

How much does a bag of topsoil cover?

Great question! Our soil products are available in 0.73m³ bags, which cover 7.3m² at a depth of 100mm. We have a very handy topsoil calculator on our website so you can easily calculate exactly how much you need for the job – go to the turf calculator to find out.

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