Hilltop Nurseries, 
Clacton Road, Weeley, 
Essex, CO16 9DN
01255 830325

Eco-Friendly Turf

At Paynes Turf we're passionate about nature and maintaining the delicate balance of our earth

Our Commitment

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Here are some ways we do that:


Unlike some other large turf growers, we do not use any plastic netting in our turf production. Many other leading turf growers grow their turf on plastic netting, which is spread across their fields (thousands of acres), as it makes harvesting quicker and cheaper.  This plastic ends up in the finished product.

We do not and will never use plastic netting in our turf growing process. Only a minimal amount of plastic wrap is used in our deliveries.


As far as possible, we invest in equipment that is high output, energy efficient, and adheres to all emissions rules and regulations. This includes our new generation tractors

Family Run, Family Values

We've been growing and harvesting turf in Essex and Suffolk for more than 50 years. Born and bred in the area, we're committed to seeing the local environment flourish
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