From delivery to laying, find the answers to your most commonly asked questions here

Generic Questions

What size are the rolls?

Standard turf rolls are 1m2 (61cm x 164cm).

How do I pay for the turf?

We accept payment over the phone or by direct transfer for larger clients. Payments are taken over the phone by card, or via BACS payment

When should I lay the turf?

We always cut turf fresh and deliver it in peak condition. To maintain the thick sward, lay the turf as quickly as possible and on the same day as delivery

Do you have any guides?

We have a free to download guide to laying turf here. Plus you can find lots of help in our lawn advice section, and blog posts. Or call us with your questions

Can you put me in touch with a landscaper?

We work with many landscape gardeners across the country. If you are looking for a recommended landscaper to lay your lawn, ask us or check google reviews in your area

Can we use Paynes’ for all of our turf supplies?

Yes. We’ve been working with landscapers, local authorities, and home builders acorss the country for over 50 years, taking care of all of their turf supply requirements

Delivery Questions

What time will my turf be delivered?

We usually complete all deliveries by 1pm, however we aim to deliver as early in the day as possible

Do you offer next day delivery?

We can often offer next day delivery. Please ask when ordering and we’ll let you know if it’s possible

Do you offer fork lift unloading?

We do offer fork lift unloading when turf is delivered by our own fleet of vehicles. Please ask when ordering.

Can you deliver when I’m not there?

We can, however please give us very detailed delivery instructions to make sure we leave your delivery in the right place 

Turf Laying Questions

Can I lay turf in the snow?

Ideally avoid laying turf in the snow, and wait until the ground has completely thawed before laying

Can I lay turf in summer?

Turf can be laid almost all year round. On very hot days, you can lay turf but lay it do so within two hours of delivery and water it very frequently

Do you have to get an expert to lay my turf?

You can hire a landscaping firm if you wish, although it is possible for anyone to lay turf, even if they’ve never done it before. 

How often should I water my new lawn?

This depends on the weather. In hot weather, increase watering to at least twice a day. In winter, you don’t need to water turf. From April - October, you will have to water turf depending on the weather. 

How quickly should I lay the turf?

Lay the turf on the day of delivery

When should I mow my new lawn?

Wait until the turf has rooted and started to grow before you start mowing! See the free guide.

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