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July 3, 2023

Summer Lawn Care Guide: Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in July

Summer is in full swing, and your lawn is at the center of outdoor activities and relaxation. Whether you're a homeowner, a landscaper, or part of a local authority, July is a crucial time to ensure your lawn remains healthy, green, and inviting. Here's a comprehensive guide on maintaining a robust lawn during the hottest month of the year, brought to you by Paynes Turf, the premium turf supplier in Essex.

1. Optimal Mowing Height:
In July, it's essential to adjust your mower blades to maintain a slightly taller grass height, around 3 inches. Taller grass provides shade to the soil, reducing evaporation and weed growth.

2. Consistent Watering:
July can bring scorching temperatures, so your lawn may need more water. Water deeply and infrequently, preferably in the early morning, to reduce evaporation and help grass develop deep roots.

3. Fertilisation:
While your lawn may not require as much fertilizer during July, consider a light application of a slow-release, balanced fertilizer to provide the necessary nutrients without overstimulating growth.

4. Weed Control:
Regularly inspect your lawn for weeds, and address them as soon as possible. Paynes Turf's premium turf is less prone to weed infestations, but it's essential to stay vigilant.

5. Proper Pest Management:
Keep an eye out for lawn pests like grubs or chinch bugs. Early detection and treatment are key to preventing extensive damage to your lawn.

6. Soil Aeration:
If your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic, consider aerating the soil to allow better water and nutrient penetration. Aerating in the early morning or late afternoon when it's cooler can be more effective.

7. Maintain a Sharp Mower Blade:
A dull mower blade can shred the tips of grass blades, leading to a brownish appearance. Ensure your mower blade is sharp for clean, precise cuts.

8. Top Quality Turf:
For homeowners and landscapers, choosing the right turf is critical for a healthy lawn. Paynes Turf, the best online turf provider in Essex, offers premium-grade turf that thrives in various conditions.

9. Trade Turf for Professionals:
For larger lawns or professional landscaping projects, Paynes Turf serves as your reliable trade turf supplier. Their premium turf is suitable for both small and extensive projects, ensuring a uniform and high-quality result.

In conclusion, July presents both opportunities and challenges for lawn care. By following this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your lawn remains vibrant and inviting throughout the summer. As the premium turf supplier in Essex, Paynes Turf offers the best turf options for maintaining a lush and healthy lawn. Invest in quality turf and diligent maintenance practices to enjoy a beautiful lawn that enhances your outdoor space.

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