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September 1, 2023

September Lawn Revival: Tips for a Vibrant Autumn Turf

September marks the beginning of autumn in the UK, and it's a crucial time for lawn care. Whether you're a homeowner, a landscaper, or part of a local authority, keeping your turf vibrant during the transition from summer to autumn is essential. Here are some expert tips to ensure your lawn remains lush and healthy this September, with insights from Paynes Turf, the premium turf supplier in Essex.

1. Lawn Aeration:
Aerating your lawn in September can work wonders. It relieves soil compaction, improves air and water circulation, and encourages deep root growth. Use a garden fork or a specialised aerator to perforate the soil.

2. Overseeding:
Overseeding helps thicken your lawn and fill in bare patches. Choose a grass seed mix that's appropriate for your region and the upcoming cooler weather. Paynes Turf offers premium grass seed that's perfect for overseeding.

3. Fertilisation:
Applying a slow-release, balanced fertiliser in early September can provide essential nutrients to your lawn without encouraging excessive growth. This promotes a healthy and resilient turf.

4. Weed Control:
Keep a vigilant eye on weeds, as they tend to thrive during the cooler months. Use a weed control product or manually remove them to prevent them from taking over your lawn.

5. Lawn Mowing:
Adjust your mower blades to a slightly higher setting as autumn approaches. Taller grass provides shade to the soil, helping to retain moisture and reduce weed growth.

6. Pest Control:
Monitor your lawn for pest issues, and address them promptly. Paynes Turf's premium turf is less susceptible to common turf problems, making it a wise choice for homeowners and landscapers.

7. Quality Turf:
For lawn owners and landscapers, choosing the right turf is crucial. Paynes Turf is the best online turf provider in Essex, offering premium-grade turf that's ideal for maintaining a vibrant lawn, even in autumn.

8. Trade Turf for Professionals:
Professional landscapers and local authorities can rely on Paynes Turf as their trade turf supplier. Their premium turf is suitable for projects of all sizes, ensuring the lawn remains lush and healthy.

In conclusion, September is a pivotal time for lawn care, setting the stage for a vibrant autumn turf. By implementing these tips and investing in quality turf and grass seed, you can ensure that your lawn remains healthy and resilient through the autumn season and beyond. Paynes Turf, the premium turf supplier in Essex, offers top-notch turf options that can enhance the aesthetics and durability of your lawn. Take the necessary steps to revive your turf this September and enjoy a lush and inviting lawn that enhances your outdoor space.

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