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September 18, 2022

Can I lay turf in September?

If you’re in Colchester, Clacton, Essex, Herts or Cambridge and wondering whether September is a good time to lay turf, here’s the answer: a resounding YES! 

The truth is that  turf can be laid all year round given allowable weather, however Autumn is definitely best for laying turf, and September is ideal if you’re in the South East.

When we get too far into winter and the ground gets frozen, laying turf is not possible. And in mid-summer, we can lay turf but it has to be watered very regularly due to heat and hot sun, which can be scorching in the South East. During September, the ground is neither frozen nor is the weather too hot. In other words, ideal turf laying conditions abound. 

Other reasons why you should lay turf in September:

  • There’s less wear and tear on the lawn at this time of year: the kids are back at school, sunbathing is less regular and BBQs will be winding down. This gives your lawn a chance to establish, and you won’t be swearing at the fact that you can’t go on your lawn when the weather is super hot!
  • The soil is almost perfect in September  – it’s lovely and moist without being waterlogged. This makes it ideal for the prep work that comes with laying turf, and the growing conditions are great. 
  • Increased turf shelf life! You should always lay your turf as soon as it’s delivered, and we deliver in the mornings to make sure the turf is fresh. However, due to the slightly cooler weather, you can take a little bit more time laying the turf as there’s no hot sun cooking it.
  • Grass roots are able to grow easier due to the still-warm soil
  • There’s nearly always more rain in September, so you won’t have to be out with the hose all the time
  • Milder temperature also means that water doesn’t evaporate so quickly
  • The scorching weather has passed, so you won’t need 5 litres of ice water and constant snacks to keep you going as you lay the turf – although remember sun screen if it’s sunny!
  • Get ahead of the Jone’s with your lawn that’s looking tip-top – while everyone else’s is sagging and looking tired.
  • During the cooler months, grass naturally puts its energy into growing roots, so by laying turf in September you’ll be working with mother nature’s rhythm
  • Save time as you won’t have to mow the lawn as often due to lower growing blades. This also reduces stress on the new grass.

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