Achieve a stunning lawn overnight

Who wants to wait months for seeded grass to grow and establish before being able to get out and enjoy the garden? Once laid, our turf will create an instantly thick, green lawn, and you’ll be able to walk on it within two to four weeks, depending on the season and weather conditions (you need to wait for the roots to anchor into the soil below).

Choose your turf

Our Premium Grade Turf is very popular choice for gardens large and small,  but if you’ve got a young family and your lawn takes a beating from outdoor play, why not consider our most hardwearing option, Pro Sports Turf?

Ordering is easy

You can buy turf from us directly, either for collection or delivery, alternatively you might want to buy it from a stockist nearer to your home. If you’re planning to lay the turf yourself, then check out our turf laying advice, or to find a professional landscaper to do the job, visit the websites of the Association of Professional Landscapers or the British Association of Landscape Industries.

Need a landscaper?

Of course, we’re always happy to suggest a suitable landscaper in your area, so please speak to a member of our team if you’d like us to make a personal recommendation.

For expert advice and to find out more about our turf products, please give us a call on 01255 830325 or alternatively email us.