Sandy Loam Paynes Turf

Sandy Loam

Nutrient-Dense Loam for Lawn Cultivation 

To get your lawn in top form, rake or sprinkle on our finest quality sandy loam.

It’s packed full of essential nutrients, helps to enhance drainage, and is ideal for levelling out surfaces.

One bag is 0.73m³, which covers 7.3m² at a depth of 100mm. To find out how much you need, please use the turf and topsoil calculator below.

Helping turf to regenerate quickly
Enhancing drainage
Levelling out surfaces

Packed with essential nutrients
Improves the appearance of lawns
Restores and renews growth

If you need help choosing turf and topsoil products or have a question which you can’t find the answer to in our FAQs section, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team by calling 01255 830325. If you’d like more information, please check out our Lawn Advice section where we’ve condensed our 40 years of experience as a high-quality turf supplier into a few short guides.

Improving the appearance of any lawn is easy with our nutrient-rich 6mm Fine Loam. This incredibly fine loam can be raked onto grass or sprinkled over bare patches to promote growth, enhance drainage and level out surfaces. If seeded, our 6mm Fine Loam helps turf to regenerate extremely quickly.