Premium Blended Loam Top Soil Paynes Turf

Premium Blended Loam Top Soil

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Premium Multi-Purpose Top Soil

A sandy loam that’s easily raked and levelled, our Premium Blended Loam Top Soil will help you to create a firm base without divots. As such, it is perfect for preparing the ground under turf – it will give the grass a great start, and also helps to promote even growth.

Our superb multi-purpose Premium Blended Loam is available in 0.73m³ bags, which covers 7.3m² at a depth of 100mm.

To find out how much you need, please use the turf and topsoil calculator below.

Preparing the ground under turf
Border soil improvement
Building up levels
Multi purpose use
Promotes even growth
Easily raked and levelled
Ensures a firm base without divots
Doesn’t contain stones
Yes – in fact, our soil products are designed to complement each other to give your lawn or garden everything it needs. Whether you’re laying a new lawn, planting shrubs or herbaceous borders, or just giving your garden a lift, it’s a great idea to buy topsoil improver, fine loam and premium blended loam so that you have all three products to hand. Find out more about our soil improver and 6mm fine loam here.
Comprising 50% fine loam (screened to 6mm), and 50% organic green compost (screened to 10mm), our multi-purpose Premium Blended Loam is perfect for preparing the ground under turf, giving grass a great start and promoting even growth. This sandy loam can be easily raked and levelled to ensure a firm base that avoids divots. It’s ideal to buy topsoil for border soil improvement, building up levels and flower beds, plus the absence of stones avoids damage to mower blades.