Turf can be laid throughout the year but there is a particular time that offers optimum conditions to get the best results with the least effort. Find out when is the best time to lay turf with advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

Quality turf always available

We grow and sell turf all year round. Turf can be laid in most conditions (apart from where there is laying snow or frost on the ground) and can even be laid during the hot summer months. However, the autumn months offer pitch-perfect prepping and turf laying conditions. What makes autumn so special?

During the autumn months, temperatures start to cool down, the soil becomes moist, and the growing season is coming to an end. You’ll notice that your lawn won’t require mowing quite so often, and the ground feels softer underfoot. This is the best time to lay new turf.

Best time for preparing the ground under turf

It’s also the best time to get the ground prepared as the soil is more manageable and easier to dig and turn over. Taking care to get a flat, even surface when preparing your lawn for new turf is key to getting great results. That’s why autumn is such a good time to prepare the ground. If you’re not sure how to do this, ready this blog post to find out how.

Best time to lay turf

New turf relies on gaining nutrients and moisture from the soil to establish itself quickly. Roots from the turf grasses find their way down to the ground below, making a tight bond with the turf and the soil. This is essential otherwise your new turf would simply sit on top of the ground! Moisture is king in this situation, that’s why after laying new turf the ground should always be well watered on a daily basis.

Of course, during times of heavy, continuous rainfall, it may not be necessary to water the lawn at all – another reason why laying turf during the autumn is such a great idea as it could save you money on your water bill! Download our handy turf laying and watering guide to find out more.

Freshly harvested turf delivered to your door

Whether you plan to lay turf now or during the spring or summer months, we’ve got you covered. We only ever harvest your turf the day before it’s delivered to you to ensure that it’s in A1 condition when it reaches you. That’s why we recommend laying your turf on the day of delivery, to ensure that it stays in tiptop condition and has the best possible chance of establishing quickly. 

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