Follow our top ten turf laying tips for creating a beautiful lawn.Turf laying tips Paynes Turf

  1.  Prepare the ground beforehand: Good preparation is the key to a beautiful lawn; make sure the surface is flat, even, and free from any debris. Spread a layer of Premium Blended Loam over the prepared area to encourage the turf to establish quickly.
  2. Water the ground: Watering the soil a couple of days before you lay the turf will provide essential water for the grass roots in the turf.
  3. Lay the turf within 24 hours: Order your turf after you have prepared the ground, and arrange to have it delivered so that you are able to lay it within 24 hours of delivery.
  4. Don’t stretch the turf: Try not to stretch the turf when butting the edges together at joins.
  5. Build-up the sides with soil: The edges of newly laid turf can dry out quickly, so build up the soil against the edge of the turf along flower beds to protect it.  This soil can be removed once the turf is established.
  6. Water within half hour of installation: Water the newly laid turf thoroughly to allow the roots to establish as quickly as possible. Give it a really good soaking, making sure that the water penetrates all the way through to the soil below. Check the water has soaked through by lifting a corner of the turf.
  7. Water 2-3 times a day: During hot weather the new turf will dry out quickly, especially along exposed edges. Water for at least 2 weeks every day, either first thing in the morning or late in the evening.
  8. Don’t walk on the newly laid turf: If you need to walk on the turf for any reason, lay a board down and walk across that, rather than on the lawn itself.
  9. Don’t mow until the turf has established: Mowing the grass will encourage the roots to establish, but wait for at least 3 days before you mow the grass. Check the turf is ready for mowing by pulling up on the turf with your hands; if the turf lifts up, leave it for a few days. If there is resistance when you lift the turf, it is ready for mowing.
  10. Don’t mow more than the top third off the grass: The general rule of cutting grass is to never cut more than a third off the top of the grass at any one mowing. Cutting off more can result in damage to the root system of the grass, which will in effect require more watering and maintenance.