You decide to invest in a new lawn. You buy turf online. You pour your heart into installing it and looking after it –  after all, you want to make sure that the turf is kept looking its best for as long as possible. Now, lovely gardens require upkeep, and there are plenty of things that you need to think about and action in order to keep your garden looking its best. This is particularly true for your lawn.

One issue for us here in the UK when it comes to looking after our lawns has to be wet weather. We live in a country whereby rain is the norm and even though we are used to it, newly laid turf, or even established turf, can suffer.

As an expert in trade turf suppliers and a turf supplier who wants to make sure that your garden looks its best, we have put together some of the main problems that can arise in your garden when the rain pours.

Waterlogged Soil

A little bit of rain shouldn’t cause too much of an issue when it comes to your soil and your lawn, however, when there is a lot of heavy rainfall, especially in a short period of time, then your lawn and the soil in your flowerbeds can become waterlogged.

When the soil is waterlogged the plants that you have taken all the time to plant in your garden can drown. The water that has fallen onto the ground will fill up the spaces that would normally be full of air and this means that the roots won’t receive as much oxygen as they normally would. The roots won’t grow and the soil itself will become stagnate.

Compacted Soil

Along with waterlogged soil, you can also develop the problem of compacted soil. This can often happen on your lawn if you have to walk over it on a regular basis. When soil is waterlogged and it is walked on, then the soil will become compacted, pushed down onto itself. In doing so you will make it even harder for that backlog of water to drain away and cause an even greater issue in the long term.


When your soil becomes waterlogged and compacted, then one issue that you may see is disease. This wet, heavy soil is the ideal condition for algae, lichens and liverworts on lawns, moss growth, and clumps of rush which seed themselves and form tussocks.  You can even find that other fungal attacks make an appearance too. And Phytophthora (root rot, which can affect trees and shrubs) can also grow, which can cause issues within your garden at large.

We can’t do anything about the rain in this country unfortunately, but there are things that you can do to help make sure that the impact the rain has is as minimal as possible, and this is something that will cover soon in our blogs.

So, if you want to buy turf online then why not come to one of the most experienced turf suppliers? Buying turf in Essex from our trade turf supplies website is not only easy, but it is also going to make sure that your garden is transformed and looks its best too. No matter what the weather tries to throw at it.