Advice on treating garden weeds and moss.Spring lawn care - Treat garden weeds and moss Paynes Turf

Weeds and moss can become a problem during the spring, and once established will spread very quickly throughout your lawn, leaving an unsightly appearance. Moss will appear on your lawn in areas of poor drainage, shady areas, and in places where the grass has been mowed too short.

Chemical treatment

Using a 3-in-1 feed will give your lawn the nutrients it needs and kill weeds and moss at the same time. To treat, apply the feed, weed and moss killer, then wait until the moss has turned black (around 2 or 3 weeks), then use a spring tine rake to remove the blackened moss. Be very careful not to damage any nearby plants with the chemicals.

Organic treatment

A more natural and safer alternative than chemicals, the best way to avoid moss and weeds is to carefully look after your lawn throughout the year. Encourage your lawn to grow healthy with regular feeding and scarifying in the autumn and spring. Aerate the soil (particularly in shady areas) with a garden fork and add a top dressing to the lawn to improve surface drainage. Try to avoid mowing the grass too short; you will only encourage weeds and moss to take over the lawn. Longer grass blades will grow thicker and healthier and will have deeper roots, acting as a protective barrier.

Water carefully

All lawns need a certain amount of watering, which will also act as a weed deterrent.  As a guide, give your lawn a deep watering once a week; shallow watering will not have any beneficial effects on the lawn, but weeds love it and will grow rapidly in these conditions.