How to feed your lawn in spring. Spring lawn care - Feeding your lawn Paynes Turf

During the spring, your lawn will be growing quickly and will need feeding, which will not only make the grass greener, thicker and stronger, but will also improve its resistance to weeds and moss.

Springtime lawn feeds are rich in nitrogen and are formulated to give a regular supply of nutrients to your lawn over the course of a few weeks. Weed and feed fertilisers that kill off weeds and feed your lawn at the same time are also available, and are ideal if weeds are a problem at the time of application.

The easiest way to feed your lawn is with a spreader. Simply pour the fertiliser in the top, and as you walk along the feed is distributed out the bottom. Change the settings on the spreader to adjust the amount of fertiliser that is dropped on the lawn, following the manufacturers dosing rates.

To begin, walk around the edge of the lawn pushing the spreader in front of you. Walking at a normal pace, go up and down the lawn in lines until you have covered the entire area. To finish, shut off the spreader. Always water the lawn after fertilising if a good amount of rainfall is not forecast.