When to sow grass seed Paynes TurfWhen to sow grass seed, autumn or spring?

Autumn is the optimum time to sow grass seed, when the temperature is moderate, the soil is moist and we get the occasional shower. In these conditions, the seeds will germinate quickly and will establish strong roots. Weeds will be kept to a minimum due to the milder temperatures, and by the following year your lawn will be fully established and ready to withstand the hot temperatures that summer brings.

You can sow grass seed in the spring, anytime from late March onwards when there’s no threat of frost and the soil is beginning to warm up. Seed germination occurs rapidly in the moist, warm conditions and after 7-10 days the seedlings will become established.

Sowing grass seed in the summer can be disastrous and is not recommended. The soil will require almost constant watering, which, apart from being almost impossible, is also very costly and time consuming. If the seeds do germinate, the chances of the seedlings being scorched and killed off in the heat are very high. In addition, the soil preparation work that you will have carried out before sowing will open up the area to weed seeds that will germinate quickly in the heat.

Whenever you sow your grass seed, ensure the soil is warm, moist and nutrient rich, and try to avoid walking on the lawn for at least 2-3 weeks.