How to mow a lawn in just 5 easy steps.How to mow a lawn Paynes Turf

If you’ve never mowed a lawn before and are wondering how, just follow our 5 easy steps for a beautiful looking lawn.

  1. Get your mower ready: Check underneath the mower for any obstructions in the blade area; if the mower is new there may be packaging that needs removing, or if the mower is old it could be blocked with grass cuttings.
  2. Adjust the wheel height: Raising or lowering a mower’s wheels will adjust the cutting height of the mower. Look for a switch or a latch that is usually located on the side of the mower and adjust accordingly. The height of the cut should generally be between 13-25mm.
  3. Remove any debris from the lawn: Before you begin mowing the lawn, pick up any loose stones, toys, branches or any other objects that may get caught up in the mower’s blades. Apart from the obvious injury hazard, you could also damage the mower.
  4. Start mowing: Start up the mower and walk fairly quickly up and down the lawn in straight lines. If you walk too slowly the grass could clog up the blades. To make sure you don’t miss any stray blades of grass, overlap the strip you have already mowed on the return strip by half. This will not only make cutting easier (as there will be less grass to cut), but it will also save time later by not having to go back over the lawn to cut anything you missed the first time.
  5. Tidy up: If your mower has a cutting box attached, empty the box every time it gets just over half full. If not, use a garden rake to gather the clippings. After disconnecting the mower from the power source, remove any clippings from the underside and clean the blades with water. Squirt a little oil on the moving parts and store the mower away.