After a fairly dry start to the month, the weather has turned cold and wet again – not the best conditions for getting the lawnmower up and running for the cutting season. However, there are still lots of jobs you can do in your garden to keep your lawn in great condition. Find out what you can do this March with lawn care tips from Essex turf grower and supplier Paynes Turf.

Aerate the turf

If your turf is a bit waterlogged from all the rain we’ve been having, it’s a good idea to get the garden fork out and aerate your lawn. As a quick guide, use the fork to punch holes in your lawn, around 15cm deep: this will allow the water to slowly drain away, keeping your turf nice and dry. Read this news post to find out more about aerating your lawn.

Kick moss into touch

The very wet and damp weather over the winter months may have encouraged the growth of moss in your lawn. You’ll know if you have moss in your lawn as it will feel spongy when you walk on it. To get rid of moss you’ll need to improve the condition of the turf by first scarifying it, and then brushing in a mixture of quality sandy loam topsoil and sharp sand. Find out more by reading this news post.

Fertilise the turf

As the weather warms up your lawn will start to grow, quickly. Applying a good quality spring fertiliser will ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. It’s a good idea to fertilise your lawn before it starts to grow rapidly, so this job should definitely be on your list of to-do’s in the garden this month.

Edge your lawn like a pro

Even if you can’t get the mower out just yet, you can still make your garden look neat and tidy by edging the lawn. Use a half-moon lawn edging tool to define the edges of your lawn and sharpen up your bedding borders. If you want a really professional looking job use a wooden plank as a guide to get a really straight edge. 

Plan a revamp of your garden

Thinking about landscaping your garden this year? March is a great time to research and plan the design of your borders, raised beds, pathways and more. Paynes Turf has everything you need to complete your landscaping job, from premium quality turf and topsoil, to border bark and grass seed.