Quick tips on how to lay turf on sandy soil.How to lay turf on sandy soil Paynes Turf

The most important part of laying turf is always in the preparation. Improving the soil before you begin to lay your turf will result in a beautiful hardwearing lawn that will also be a safe place to play and relax.

If you live near the coast, you may find that you have a large percentage of sand in your soil. If you lay your turf directly on top of this, the water and nutrients won’t stay in the roots long enough for the roots in the turf to grow, resulting in a dying, brown lawn.

Digging in well-composted manure or rotted leaves into the soil will improve moisture retention under your newly turfed lawn, enabling the grass to flourish.

What are the benefits of good soil preparation?

  • Improved uniformity of your lawn
  • Very low maintenance
  • Less watering
  • Reduced chemical and fertiliser treatments
  • Rapid recovery from wear and tear

Save valuable time and money by improving the ground before you even think about laying your turf and be sure of a healthy, beautiful lawn for years to come.