How to deal with lawn weeds

Lawn weeds can be a big problem at this time of year as warm, sunny weather coupled with summer showers can encourage weeds to grow at an accelerated rate. Lawn weeds often spoil the appearance of a finely tuned lawn, so find out how to deal with them with tips and advice from Essex turf and topsoil grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

How to deal with lawn weeds Paynes Turf

How to remove weeds from your lawn without chemicals

If there are weeds present in your lawn it’s a good idea to remove them so that they don’t have the opportunity to spread to the rest of the lawn. To do this simply pull them out by hand, making sure that the roots of the weed are removed as well. If the weeds are too big to pull by hand use a small gardening trowel to dig them out.

How to remove weeds from your lawn using chemicals

The use of chemicals to control weeds in well-established lawns is advisable when there are a large amount of weeds. However, don’t use chemicals to control weeds in new lawns as the new turf could become severely damaged. Chemical weed killers are usually applied in the spring and summer months when the grass is actively growing. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying a chemical weed killer.

How to prevent weed growth in your lawn

Lawn weeds usually grow in sparse areas of the lawn, competing with the grass leaves for space in which to grow in. Fortunately, a thick, well cared for lawn will virtually eliminate the presence of lawn weeds as the weeds will have no room to grow.

The best way to prevent weeds from appearing in your lawn is to carry out a regular lawn care maintenance programme. This will involve regular mowing, scarifying, aerating, and feeding:

  • Mow twice a week during peak growing season, and once a week during the spring and autumn months. Never mow more than a third off the top of the grass at any one time.
  • Scarify the lawn during the autumn months, and overseed if necessary.
  • Aerate the lawn in autumn. This will help water to drain away easily and prevent the lawn from becoming waterlogged.
  • Feed the lawn in spring and autumn.