Lawn mower maintenance guide for your petrol mower.

With the frosty mornings and cold wet days, your lawn mower is probably hibernating in the shed. Why not take advantage of the damp conditions and treat your mower to a ‘manicure’.

If you are willing to have a go yourself, you can quite easily service your lawnmower if you have a little technical knowledge.

Using your lawnmower manual as a reference guide, you should be able to change the oil and clean the filter on a petrol lawnmower following the instructions. Occasionally you may need to change a spark plug, which can be done using a spark plug spanner.

Make sure you clean the chassis, removing all dried grass and dirt, and tighten up any nuts and bolts, wheels and rollers with a spanner, using your manual as a ‘bible’.

Lawn mower maintenance - petrol mowers Paynes TurfYou can sharpen the blade yourself, but we would recommend using a mower service centre to get that blade really sharp and ready for it’s first cut in the spring.