Are your children using your lawn as a football pitch? Is it looking tired, dull, and quite frankly bald? Fear not, there are ways to remedy this age-old problem and get your lawn back in tiptop condition with our top lawn care tips.Lawn care tips for parents! Paynes Turf

You could re-turf your lawn with premium quality sports grade turf. It is extremely hardwearing and durable; after all it often has to withstand abuse from football tournaments, rugby matches and hockey games on a regular basis. This tough turf is quick to establish and has excellent recovery qualities, making it ideal for the rough and tumble games that kids like to play on a hot summer’s day.

If your budget isn’t up to re-turfing, try giving your lawn a little extra love and attention in the autumn months, and again the following spring. This should help your lawn to recover and flourish with stronger, thicker growth, helping to protect it next summer! When autumn arrives remember to scarify your lawn (if there’s anything left of it!), feed it, and overseed with a good quality grass seed, remembering to water regularly. If left to recover, the lawn will regenerate over the winter months, and reward you with a nice thick green sward of grass in March.

Continue with the green treatment in spring, overseeding if necessary to produce a thick lawn. Feed with a spring fertilizer to give the grass a boost and provide much needed nutrients to the soil. Remember to mow the lawn on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer, as mowing helps to keep the lawn healthy and strong. Always keep the mower’s blades sharp, and cut to the correct height.

Of course, there is always the risk that once you have your lawn up to scratch, you may want to send the kids to the park to play ball games!