Grass seed or turf, which is best?Grass seed or turf? Paynes Turf


For an instant result, turfing is always the best option. It’s quick to lay and produces a beautiful lawn overnight. Practically any area is suitable for turfing, from small gardens right through to football pitches and golf courses. Turf is available in conventional 1m2 rolls, and for larger areas, big rolls of 20m2 where the appropriate laying equipment is usually provided. Buying turf from a reputable supplier will ensure a durable, thick even textured grass, which is also weed-free.

Benefits of turf

  • Instant result
  • Quick to lay
  • Won’t wash off slopes like grass seed
  • Less watering required than for seed
  • Can be laid all year round

 Grass seed

If you have a very limited budget then grass seed may be your best option for creating a lawn. Likewise, if you have a significant area to turf, for example if you have a garden that is several acres, you may want to use grass seed, as it is a more cost effective option and is easy to sow. However, you must choose wisely when to sow your grass seed; autumn is generally the best time of year, when the ground is moist but still warm.

Benefits of grass seed

  • Cost effective
  • Good for small areas or repairs
  • Easy to spread
  • Quick to sow
  • Good for difficult to reach areas