If you’re considering landscaping your garden with new turf during the winter months, it can have lots of advantages over installing turf during the summer. Find out what the benefits are with advice from Suffolk turf grower and supplier Paynes Turf.

The benefits

One of the greatest benefits of laying new turf during the colder, wetter months is that you will only need to water your new lawn very infrequently – if at all! This means that you could save a significant amount of time not having to water the turf, and save money off your water bill – a great advantage especially if you have a water meter.

Watering in summer

When laying turf during the warmer months it’s almost always necessary to water the turf for at least two weeks after laying it. New turf can dry out very quickly, especially during hot, dry periods, and if it isn’t watered correctly the turf will not establish. Between March and October, newly laid turf should be watered immediately after it’s been laid, and then twice a day until it has established. That’s why laying turf in the winter months offers such great advantages.

Watering in winter

Generally speaking, between November and February it shouldn’t be necessary to water newly laid turf unless the weather has been unseasonably dry and warm. However, wind, warmth and a lack of rainfall will dry turf out very quickly so it’s always best to check the turf regularly to ensure it isn’t drying out. To do this, give the turf a visual check for signs of gapping, curling at the edges, lifting, or brown patches. If you notice any of these signs you must water the turf liberally and thoroughly, and continue to do so until the turf has established.

Premium quality, eco-friendly turf 

Are you wondering how we water our vast 400-acre turf fields? We use our own water supply which is pumped from our winter storage reservoir. Had we not have collected this water, it would have flowed into a nearby river and then out to sea. This irrigation system is just one of the reasons why our turf is so eco-friendly, and why we can offer such competitive prices on our turf.