With two types of grass available, which do I choose?What are the different types of grass? Paynes Turf

When it comes to returfing your lawn, it’s always a good idea to research the different types of grass there are available, and if they will suit your specific needs. Laying new turf can be very rewarding, and will instantly transform your garden, with beautiful results.

Premium Grade Turf

Renowned for its durability, high germination and thick green sward, Premium Grade Turf is ideal for a huge range of applications, from domestic lawns right through to large landscaping projects. It’s a great all-rounder, suitable for families with children and pets, and will even withstand a game or two of football! It’s available in easy to manage 1-metre lengths and is very simple to lay, even for the novice gardener.

Pro Sports Turf

As the name suggests, Pro Sports Turf is particularly suitable for football pitches, golf courses and playing fields, is extremely hardwearing, and can cope with a very high footfall. Thanks to its unique seed mix, it is disease resistant, quick to establish and boasts excellent recovery qualities.

For the discerning lawn lover, Pro Sports Turf is also ideal for use in domestic gardens, as the grass can be cut very short without damaging the turf, giving a smooth, lush green, manicured finish, perfect for that game of Lawn Bowls!