Buy turf online

Purchasing turf online may seem a little odd, but doing so does have enormous benefits. So why buy turf online? Find out why you can (and should) buy turf online, with advice from Essex turf grower and supplier Paynes Turf.

Why buy turf online? Paynes Turf

Do your research

As with buying anything online, you should always research suitable suppliers first. Turf is a living, breathing product so make sure that the turf you are purchasing is of the best quality – you don’t want to be re-laying turf after a couple of years due to its poor quality.

Turf quality standards

By ordering turf direct from the turf grower you can be rest assured that the turf will be of the utmost quality – always check the growers’ credentials and standards first. Paynes’ turf is grown using only the top STRI (The Sports Turf Research Institute) cultivars and is TGA approved, which means you are buying the finest standard of turf available. TGA standards specify that turf must be grown on a suitable soil type and be free from any visible effects of pests or disease. In addition the thickness of the thatch should not exceed 10mm and the soil layer beneath the thatch should be between 5 and 15mm deep. What’s more, standards stipulate that turf should be delivered to site within 24 hours of harvesting. That’s why our online delivery system only allows our customers to select a delivery date from a minimum of two days ahead – after receiving your order we’ll set to work harvesting your turf ready for delivery straight away. We never harvest turf before an order is placed. This ensures that your turf is delivered as fresh as it could possibly be. Just remember that turf should be laid the same day as delivery, so order your turf and arrange for it to be delivered only when you are ready to lay it.

Best price, easy delivery

Order turf directly from the grower and you can be sure that you’ll not only get top quality turf, you’ll also be paying the best price too, and it will be delivered direct to your door when you want it – no trundling around finding a stockist in a search for fresh turf and then having to think about how you’ll get it in the boot.

Finally, good quality turf will make a huge difference to the appearance of your lawn; the turf will be weed-free, lush, green and durable. To order our TGA approved Premium Grade Turf online please click here.

Why buy turf online? Paynes Turf