Is March the best time to cut grass for the first time?When is the best time to cut grass this spring? Paynes Turf

With the warmer weather approaching and spring just around the corner, many of us are eager to get out into the garden and mow the lawn. With the first signs of spring bringing warmer sunnier days, it’s the ideal time to get the lawnmower out of hibernation and get mowing!

Your lawn will be starting to grow rapidly with the recent warm weather and will soon need to be cut. Choosing a warm dry day to make the first cut of the year will give your lawn the best chance of recovery after it’s winter slumber. Start with a cut around 3cm in height, but don’t take off more than the top third as this can weaken the structure of the grass, fuelling moss and weed growth. Reduce the height of the grass with each subsequent cut until you reach the desired height.

It’s a great idea to feed your lawn after the first cut with a spring fertilizer. The grass plants need nutrients to grow strong and healthy, which will result in a thicker, denser and greener sward, and will also help to keep your lawn weed and moss free.