This is a question we are often asked – should I lay a new lawn, or just re-seed the one I already have?

It’s an interesting topic to cover because there are lots of incorrect assumptions that people make about re-seeding versus laying a new lawn. 

  1. Laying turf isn’t necessarily more expensive than re-seeding

It’s easy to think that re-seeding is cheaper, because of the price of a bag of seeds and the assumption that it doesn’t require many of them. If you have a small patch that’s bare of grass, then re-seeding is likely to be the better option, but if you have a whole lawn to re-seed, then turf could well be price-comparative or even cheaper than re-seeding.

Re-seeding a lawn requires the purchase of seeds and topsoil, and often requires a lot more seeds than you might originally think. We had a customer who chose to re-seed thinking that it would be cheaper than re-turfing, but in fact it ended up costing roughly the same amount because the lawn required so many bags of seed, and topsoil. 

In addition, seeds don’t always germinate, especially if they have been laid on top of the soil.

2. Laying turf is more hassle than re-seeding

Again, laying turf does require preparation of the soil and laying of the topsoil – however, re-seeding can take a similar amount of work (if it’s a whole lawn), requiring aeration, the addition of topsoil and so on. Generally, re-turfing will take more effort, but not as much as you may think.

3. Re-seeding is quicker than laying turf

This is not always true at all! Again, if we’re talking abut a whole lawn, then laying turf can take a few hours or a day (or so, depending on the size of the lawn, of course), but can then we used pretty soon after. A re-seeded lawn, on the other hand, could take weeks before it is ready to be used, so if you have children or pets – or just want to get outside and enjoy your garden as soon as possible – then re-turfing is ideal.

We hope this has helped to bust some myths! Please note, we sell both turf rolls and grass seed, so with this article we’re really trying to help you get a good idea of which option might be best for you.