April showers, snow and sunshine!

April showers, snow and sunshine – this month’s weather has been unpredictable to say the least. Most of the UK has endured freezing temperatures, followed by warm sunshine and heavy downpours, making getting out in the garden a bit of a challenge. However spring seems to have finally sprung and the weather is definitely getting warmer, which makes the ideal time to get those gardening gloves on! Find out how to look after your lawn this month with tips from Essex turf and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf.

April showers Paynes Turf

Get mowing!

Mowing the lawn can make such a huge difference to the tidiness and appearance of your garden. After all the wet weather we’ve experienced, it’s likely that your grass has grown in abundance, particularly as it may have been sometime since you were last able to cut the lawn between downpours. However, before you dust off the mower, always remember to wait until the lawn is dry before you attempt to cut it – if you cut grass when it’s wet the mowers blades could rip the grass rather than cut cleanly, and the mower could also damage the turf and compact the soil.

Lower the mower blades

If the grass is much longer than it should be, set the lawnmower on the highest setting to ‘top’ the grass. Mow again within a week, lowering the blades slightly to get the grass down to a more manageable length. If necessary, set the blades lower still on subsequent mowings until the desired length is reached. Always remember to follow the golden rule of mowing and never cut more than the top third off the grass at any one time.

Sharpen the mower blades

To get an even cut every time you mow, make sure that the mower blades are sharp. If you have a cylinder mower and decide to sharpen the blades yourself, make sure that when you put the top and bottom blades back together they are correctly set, as this could cause the blades to tear the grass rather than make a nice sharp cut. If in doubt, always get mower blades sharpened professionally for the best results.