It’s important to care for your lawn all year round if you want it to look its best. Winter lawn care is often more challenging with grass affected by the colder temperatures, rain, snow and frost. Thankfully, by following top-tips from Essex & Suffolk turf supplier, Paynes Turf, your lawn can look great even during the colder months.

Tip one: Keep off the grass!

Walking across a very wet or snow-covered lawn could cause damage to the grass plants. During the winter months, growth is much slower so the leaves may not recover – you might need to use grass seed to repair the lawn when spring arrives. Consider laying stepping stones during the drier months to avoid any damage to your lawn.

Tip 2: Don’t remove snow 

By using a garden spade to scrape snow off your lawn you could do more damage than good to the turf. A spade is sure to snap the grass leaves and allow frost to reach the cells of the plant. This will cause damage to the grass plants, so it’s always best to simply wait until the snow melts.

Tip 3: Mow the lawn if necessary

Grass continues to grow during the winter (although at a much slower pace) so you may occasionally need to give your lawn a quick trim to keep it tidy. However, never attempt to mow if the lawn is wet or there is frost on the lawn. A good tip is to set the mower blades to the highest setting to just top the grass.

Tip 4: Rake up fallen leaves

The build-up of fallen leaves on your lawn could trap moisture which will lead to the onset of lawn diseases. Use a garden rake to gently remove them and place on the compost pile.

Tip 4: Service your lawnmower

Winter is a great opportunity to get your mower serviced so that it’s in perfect working order when spring arrives.  A professional mower service will ensure the blades are sharp and the working parts oiled correctly.