Winter lawn care tips Paynes Turf

Winter can be a very quiet time in the garden, but your lawn still needs a little TLC to keep it in good condition. Follow Paynes Turfs’ top winter lawn care tips, and keep your lawn in good shape this winter.

  1. Don’t walk on the lawn when it’s frosty as this could damage the frozen grass plants which are much more susceptible to damage when the weather is very cold.
  2. If it does snow, don’t attempt to remove it from the lawn, as you could damage the delicate grass plants underneath. It’s best to leave it to melt naturally.
  3. Service your mower and make sure the mower blade gets sharpened or replaced, ready for the mowing season.
  4. If worm casts appear, make sure you disperse them with a stiff broom (when they are dry) as the worm casts could encourage moss and weeds to grow.
  5. As long as the weather is warm and the ground is dry, mow your lawn. Mowing will keep the grass at a manageable length, and will allow sunlight to reach the soil line. Keeping your lawn too long over the winter could encourage the onset of lawn diseases. Remember to only cut off the very top of the grass blades.
  6. Trim along paths and borders to tidy up the lawn.
  7. Keep the lawn clear of any fallen leaves, twigs, branches and other debris.
  8. After a very wet winter, many lawns will have been affected by waterlogging at some point. If your lawn has been waterlogged, make a note of the specific areas that have been under water and aerate these areas when the drier, warmer weather appears in the spring.
  9. Go on weed patrol! Winter is a great time to survey your lawn for weeds – remove large weeds to help prevent them spreading over the lawn. If moss is a problem in your lawn, apply a moss killer (following the manufacturer’s instructions on application times and amounts).
  10. Plan next year’s lawn maintenance programme, and mark it on your calendar. You will notice a big difference in the health of your lawn if you stick to your plan – see our lawn care calendar guide here.