Winter lawn care is really important if you want your lawn to continue to look its best all year round. If you’re not sure how to care for your lawn during the cold winter months then read our top tips and helpful advice and keep your lawn in tiptop condition all year round.

Continue to mow the lawn

Winter lawn care involves mowing the lawn throughout the winter, whenever necessary and whenever conditions allow. Grass continues to grow throughout the colder months (although at a slower pace) and therefore will benefit from a quick trim occasionally.
The advantage of mowing the lawn through the winter is that it will go a long way in ensuring that the lawn looks tidy and cared for. However, never attempt to mow if the lawn is wet or if there is frost present: when wet grass is cut the grass blades can be damaged easily.
To mow the grass during the winter months, set the mower blades to the highest setting to just top the grass – this will keep the lawn looking neat and tidy.

Try to stay off the grass

Apart from giving the lawn a quick trim every mow and again, try to stay off the lawn as much as possible during the winter months, especially if it is very wet or there is snow or frost present. Damage to the grass blades can occur very easily just by walking on very wet grass, and because growth is so slow at this time of year, the grass plants will not repair.

Rake up fallen leaves

Fallen leaves can build up on the lawn if they are not raked and disposed of on a regular basis. In addition to spoiling the look of your lawn they can also harbor disease (such as snow mould) if left. Rake up fallen leaves on a weekly basis to prevent the onset of lawn diseases. It’s also a good idea to pick up the leaves in the mower grass box when you cut the grass, but make sure the grass (and the leaves) are dry.

Time for a mower service?

As the lawnmower won’t be used as often now as it would normally be used during the summer months, it’s a good opportunity to get it serviced so that it’s in tiptop condition and perfect working order. It is possible to service a lawnmower yourself, providing you have some knowledge of what’s involved and feel confident enough to do it. If not, take the mower along to your local mower servicing point. A service will sharpen up the blades, oil the moving parts, and checks will be made to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the mower.