Top dress your lawn for stronger, healthier turf

The application of a top dressing could vastly improve the look of a lawn and its general health. Find out why you should top dress your lawn this autumn with advice from Essex turf grower and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf. 

What is a top dressing?

A top dressing is made up of a mixture of sandy loam, compost, and sharp sand.

Why you should top dress your lawn Paynes Turf

Benefits of applying a top dressing

Good for levelling dips

A top dressing is ideal for evening out any small dips in the lawn. Dips can be quite problematic when mowing: when the mower blades drop down when travelling over low spots, the blades then hit higher areas and scalp the grass.

A top dressing must be applied gradually otherwise the grass and roots will be deprived of air and will suffocate. Build up levels by sprinkling on a thin layer of top dressing (no more than 1cm deep) every few weeks until the lawn is level. As a general rule always leave 75% of the grass leaf visible after applying the top dressing.

Help with drainage problems

If your lawn is often affected by drainage problems, applying a top dressing every year will help water to drain away faster and help to alleviate the problem.

Get stronger, healthier grass

The application of a top dressing will also vastly improve the condition and texture of soil and help to boost strong, healthy growth. It will also encourage stronger rooting and help to thicken up the grass.

Help with overseeding

Using a top dressing to distribute grass seed is ideal when overseeding patchy areas of the lawn. Simply mix the grass seed with the top dressing and spread over bald areas. The nutrients in the top dressing will encourage the new grass seed to grow quickly and healthily.

Reduce thatch

Thatch is a naturally occurring layer of dead plant material that gradually builds up on the surface of a lawn. A thin layer of thatch is an indicator of healthy turf, however in excess can damage your lawn. To help keep thatch at an acceptable level, apply a top dressing annually to encourage faster decomposition of thatch.

TIP! Top dressing should only be applied to a dry lawn.

Why you should top dress your lawn Paynes Turf

Help to achieve a lush green lawn with the application of a top dressing each year