Are you looking to buy quality Big Roll turf for a large landscaping project? Turf supplier, Paynes Turf, grows and harvests a variety of turf at its farm in Suffolk, including sports turf and premium grade turf, which is available in large 20sqm rolls for commercial landscaping installations.

Why choose Paynes Turf?

We’ve been supplying landscapers, sports turf professionals and developers with premium quality turf since 1971, so we know a thing or two about growing turf and keeping our clients happy. Our reputation for supplying quality products, outstanding customer service, and our fast and reliable delivery service is the reason why we’ve become a trusted turf supplier to thousands of clients across the UK. 

Big Roll turf

Our Big Roll turf is ideal for big landscaping projects, as it allows landscapers to cover large areas very quickly and efficiently while using less manpower. Harvested from our Premium Grade Turf or our Pro Sports Turf, Big Roll is available in 20sqm rolls – measuring 74cm by 2700cm – for which we supply the appropriate laying equipment to make installation faster and less labour intensive.

Pro Sports Turf

The best choice for parks, golf courses, sports pitches and playing fields, our Pro Sports Turf is exceptionally hardwearing in areas of high footfall and boasts excellent recovery qualities. Grown on a sandy loam root zone on our farm in Suffolk from our unique grass seed mix, our TGA approved sport turf is carefully maintained throughout the growing process to produce a tough, attractive, and disease-resistant turf that is also quick to establish.

Premium Grade Turf

Our Premium Grade Turf is renowned for its durability, high germination, thick even texture and rich hue. Grown on high quality loam soil from the top STRI cultivars, our best selling turf is durable and has good resistance to disease. Premium Grade Turf is ideal for commercial landscaping projects, landscaped areas and parks.

Topsoil and bark

We also supply topsoil and bark including sandy loam, premium blended loam, and soil improver. Each product in the range is available for delivery in 0.73m³ bags and ideal to use in conjunction with our turf rolls to complete your landscaping installation.