Whether you’re a landscaper searching for premium turf or a homeowner looking to revamp your garden, Paynes Turf supplies top quality turf products that are grown on its farms across Essex and Suffolk. Learn more about Paynes’ high-quality turf and find out which variety is best for your landscaping project.

Premium Grade Turf

Our premium grade turf is a great all-rounder when it comes to top-quality turf. Grown from top STRI cultivars, Premium Grade Turf is renowned amongst landscaping professionals across the UK for its durability, rich even hue, and disease resistance. Premium Grade Turf is so hardwearing that it can be installed in parks and domestic lawns, and is even suitable for large commercial projects. Some of the prestigious locations where Premium Grade Turf is installed include St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Leicester Square.

Pro Sports Turf

If you’re a landscaper looking for an extremely tough turf to install in areas of very high footfall our TGA approved Pro Sports Turf is the best choice. Grown from top STRI cultivars and a specially selected seed mix, Pro Sports Turf is quick to establish and boasts excellent recovery qualities. Renowned for its thick, attractive, rich green sward, our most hardwearing turf is installed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, an area well known for its high foot traffic.  

Big Roll Turf

Our Big Roll Turf is the ideal solution for landscapers who have big projects to complete, such as returfing golf courses, sports pitches and parks. Opting for Big Roll Turf will save lots of time and manpower when installing turf over a large area, and is a great cost-effective solution. Available in large 20sqm turf rolls, Big Roll can be harvested from our Premium Grade Turf or our Pro Sports Turf to suit your project. What’s more, we supply the appropriate laying equipment to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Premium Grade Turf and Pro Sports Turf is grown on high-quality loam soil on our farms in Essex and Suffolk and is available all year round. To order turf with fast delivery simply get in touch with a member of our team by calling 01255 830325, or visit one of our turf stockists located across East Anglia, London, the home counties and southern England to buy turf in small quantities.