This is a question we get asked all the time! In truth, turf can be laid all year round, so in this article, we’ve compared the advantages and disadvantages of laying new turf in all four seasons. Find out when is the best time to lay turf with advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf.

Laying turf in spring

As spring begins we all love a bit of spring cleaning, both inside the house and in the garden. April and May is a great time to lay a new lawn, so if you opt to lay new turf in spring you’ll be joining the thousands of other homeowners who do the same. In fact, springtime is our busiest time of the year for selling fresh garden turf! Why? Well, the soil is just beginning to warm up, there’s usually lots of rainfall, and you’ll get to enjoy your new lawn during the summer months for family BBQs and lapping up the sunny weather (finger’s crossed!).

When is the best time to lay turf? Advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf

Laying turf in summer 

During the heat of the summer turf will quickly dry out, so it’s really important to keep the turf rolls moist as soon as they’re delivered, throughout installation, and for at least 2-3 weeks after the turf has been laid. You should also be mindful to lay the turf rolls as soon as they have been delivered, so always plan for this when ordering your turf. Care should also be taken to moisten the soil before laying new turf during the summer months. In addition, it’s always a good idea to lay new turf on nutrient-rich soil to give it the best chance of establishing well, so if the soil needs a little TLC apply a good quality multi-purpose topsoil when preparing the ground to give new turf the best possible start.

When is the best time to lay turf? Advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf

Laying garden turf in autumn 

One of the biggest advantages to laying turf in the autumn is that the ground is generally soft and moist which makes the big job of preparing the ground much easier. That, coupled with the fact that it generally rains more in the autumn, means that you won’t need to water the new turf very often – if at all. This could not only save you lots of time, but it could potentially save you money on your water bill, especially if you are on a water meter! Laying new turf in the autumn also means that you won’t need to mow the lawn as often. Of course, one of the biggest disadvantages of laying turf in the autumn is that you won’t get to enjoy your new lawn until the following spring.

When is the best time to lay turf? Advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf

Laying turf in winter

The winter months also offer some great advantages when laying a new lawn:

  1. The turf rolls will stay fresh for longer, giving you more time to lay the turf. 
  2. It may be easier to prepare the ground under the turf as the soil will be moist and easier to work with.
  3. There shouldn’t be any need to water the turf at all, unless the weather is unseasonably warm and dry.
  4. The new turf will have plenty of time to establish before the garden is walked on in the spring.

Whenever you decide to lay your new lawn, always remember that you should lay the new turf as soon as possible after it’s been delivered – turf is a living, breathing organism and needs water and air to survive, much like we do. When placing your turf order, make sure that you have prepared the ground in advance so that when the turf arrives you can lay it immediately. This will ensure that the turf will establish quickly and grow healthy, strong and lush.