When is the best time to lay turf?

Turf can be successfully laid all year round, however there are certain times of the year when it’s simply quicker, easier, and less hassle. So when is the best time to lay turf? Find out with advice from Essex turf and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf.

The best time to lay turf Paynes Turf

The optimum time of year to lay turf is between mid autumn and late winter, when temperatures are cooler, the soil is moist, and the lawn doesn’t require mowing as often as it does during the growing season. In addition, the newly laid turf doesn’t usually need to be watered as often, as we can usually rely on plenty of rainfall.

Ground preparation, the most important task in laying a new lawn, is easier too as the soil is often soft and moist from autumn rainfall, making it easier to dig over. New turf relies on moisture and good soil in order to root and establish well, so it’s really important that care and attention is taken into good ground preparation. Find out how to prepare the ground before laying turf by clicking here.

Although the autumn months have distinct advantages to laying turf over other times of the year, turf can be laid anytime throughout the year, except in the case of frost, snow, or in very heavy rainfall. Spring time also offers a great time to lay turf – the soil is beginning to warm up, it’s moist, and there’s usually plenty of rainfall. It’s also possible to lay turf during the summer months, although bear in mind that you may have to work quickly to get the lawn laid before the turf dries out; it’s a good idea to water the turf rolls and the newly laid turf throughout the laying process to ensure it stays moist and healthy. Winter offers ideal laying conditions, providing it’s not too cold, waterlogged, or there’s snow or frost laying on the ground. Find out how to lay turf by clicking here.

Whenever you lay turf, always remember that turf is a living thing – it needs water and air to survive. We harvest our turf the day before you need it to make sure it’s fresh, healthy and in the best condition. Always make sure that you order your turf when you are ready to lay it – this will ensure your new turf will have the best possible chance of establishing quickly.