Quick guide to dealing with a waterlogged lawn

Is your  lawn beginning to look more like the local swimming pool than a lovely garden after the horrendous wet weather we have been having lately? Read on for Essex Turf Supplier, Paynes Turf’s advice for repairing waterlogged lawns.

Give it some air

In a lawn that is waterlogged, the roots of the grass will drown with the sheer amount of water and the lack of air. Ultimately, the grass will turn yellow and die if the problem is not rectified.

The Cure

Try to keep off the lawn if it is particularly wet and wait until it has drained a little before attempting any kind of rescue remedy. When the water has subsided, prick holes in your lawn about 10-15cm deep with a garden fork. This will aerate the soil and let the water drain away naturally. You could also apply a lawn top dressing over the surface to help drainage further.

What you should do with a waterlogged lawn Paynes Turf

It’s important to stay off your waterlogged lawn