Are you trying to decide which type of topsoil to buy for your landscaping project? With three grades of topsoil products, we have you covered – and we offer fast delivery across Essex and Suffolk. Find out which topsoil you need to complete the job with advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf.

Premium blended loam topsoil

Our multi-purpose topsoil is ideal for preparing the ground before laying turf. Comprising fine sandy loam and organic green compost, our premium topsoil will give new turf the best start and will help to ensure even growth when laying a new lawn. Premium blended loam is also great for building up levels and improving the condition of the soil in borders and beds. Our best-selling topsoil is completely free from stones and is easily raked and levelled to create a firm base without divots.

Sandy loam

Our premium grade sandy loam is packed full of essential nutrients and ideal for restoring and renewing growth, and improving the appearance of lawns. Rake it into the turf to enhance drainage and to level out lawns, and sprinkle over bare patches in turf to encourage strong, new growth. It can even be mixed with grass seed to help turf regenerate quickly. 

Soil Improver

Loaded with valuable micro-organisms, our soil improver will help to promote the healthy growth of turf and plants. As it’s produced from composted materials, it will naturally correct any deficiencies in the structure of the soil to give grass and plants a boost. It can also be used as a mulch to help prevent weeds and the erosion of soil. Use when planting trees and shrubs, and in bedding borders.

All of our topsoil products are available in 0.73m³ bags.

Topsoil delivery in Essex

To order your topsoil, give our team a call on 01255 830325 and we’ll arrange fast delivery at a time that suits you – we are often able to fulfil orders for next day delivery too! Our friendly team can also answer any questions you may have about our topsoil and turf products so do get in touch.