Watering the lawn during summer

Watering the lawn during the summer months isn’t normally necessary as the UK generally gets enough rainfall to keep the lawn lush and green. However, if you think that your lawn could do with a drink, read on to find out how to water it correctly.

Watering the lawn Paynes Turf

To keep your lawn looking its best it may require watering every now and again, depending upon the weather. If you do need to water your lawn make sure that you water it deeply and infrequently, rather than giving it a quick spray with the hosepipe or sprinkler. The water needs to reach the roots of the grass in order to keep the lawn lush, green and healthy, so to check whether or not you are watering the lawn deep enough push a sharp knife into the turf, pull it out, and then inspect the knife for dampness. If the knife is dry then you’ll need to water the lawn more. Generally speaking, an hours’ worth of watering should be sufficient to reach the roots of the grass.

When should I water the lawn?

You shouldn’t ever need to water your lawn between the months of October and June as the rainfall is usually sufficient to keep the grass nice and green. During the peak growing months, and if the weather is very hot, sunny, dry and windy, you may need to water the lawn. For the best results always water the lawn early in the morning to give the grass time to dry out over the course of the day. If you leave watering until the evening, moisture will not evaporate from the grass and this could leave the grass open to the onset of lawn diseases.

Don’t overwater

Never overwater your lawn. Saturated grass doesn’t allow oxygen to reach the roots of the grass and it will eventually die off. Grass’ roots require oxygen and water in order to grow healthy and strong, and without these two elements the roots will be unable to survive.

How to water a new lawn

When laid between the months of November and February you shouldn’t need to water newly laid turf unless the weather is unusually dry. Between March and October it will be necessary to water newly laid turf as soon as it has been laid. Continue to water the turf twice a day, or as required, until the roots have firmly established. You can check if the water has penetrated deep enough by lifting a corner of the turf.