When you work full-time it can sometimes be difficult to work on bigger garden projects such as returfing your lawn, especially when many turf companies close for the weekend. That’s where Paynes Turf comes in. We use our own delivery vehicles so we’re not reliant upon third party couriers, and can book you in for a Saturday morning turf delivery slot. 

Saturday turf delivery

To benefit from a turf delivery on Saturdays*, place your order with a member of our friendly team on a Thursday. We’ll harvest your turf the day before delivery to ensure that it reaches you in prime condition, and our delivery drivers (they’re a super friendly bunch!) will drop off your turf as close to site as possible. All we ask is that you are onsite to take delivery of your turf, or if this isn’t possible, to leave detailed instructions of where to drop off your turf delivery.

Ground preparation

We recommend that you lay your turf on the day of delivery so that your turf can establish itself strongly and quickly. The secret of getting turf laid on the same day as its delivered is to ensure that the ground has been prepped well in advance of your delivery date. To find out how to prep the ground before laying turf, read this blog post

How to lay your turf

It’s also a good idea to download our turf laying guide in advance so you can crack on with the job as soon as your turf has been delivered. Our handy guide details how to lay turf correctly, how and when to water the turf, and includes lots of tips for a professional result.

Quality turf

Our Premium Grade Turf is a great all-rounder that’s suitable for many applications. It’s tough, durable, resistant to disease, and renowned for its thick, even texture and rich green hue. Now that’ll get the neighbours talking!

Call our team on 01255 830325 to place your turf order for Saturday delivery.

*Our Saturday delivery slots do incur a small additional fee of £55.