Topsoil tips Paynes Turf





Perhaps you need to make a turf-friendly base for a new lawn, are building raised beds, or simply have a garden with very poor soil (a particular problem with new-build homes)? Topsoil is the answer to all these challenges. If you are laying turf, aim for a layer of topsoil that is at least 10cm deep, while beds and borders will need 20cm or more.

The uppermost layer of soil, topsoil is high in organic matter and nutrients, and is available in a number of different grades to suit all budgets and purposes:

Economy – This grade of topsoil is generally unscreened, and is best for landscaping and filling, where quantity is required rather than quality.

General purpose – There are a number of different screen-size grades within this broad category. Coarser ones are well-suited to turf laying, while finer grades fit the bill nicely when it comes to top-dressing lawns. This is the soil you need if you’re creating new flower beds or need to top up existing ones.

Premium – A very fertile loamy soil, this grade also provides some peace of mind when it comes to weeds as it shouldn’t contain seeds or roots. It’s an excellent choice for borders, or as part of a mixture for large pots and containers.

It’s important to periodically replace lost nutrients in order to maintain the best growing conditions for your plants or lawn, so treat your soil regularly with organic matter and purpose-specific fertilisers.

Topsoil tips Paynes Turf