Your daffodils are smiling and your snowdrops are peeping up shyly in your flower bed. Leaves are budding on your shrubs, and beneath your feet the soil is slowly drying and warming. Once the soil is warm enough, you’ll find your grass goes into growing mode again, and because you diligently followed our mower maintenance guide, your mower is clean, shiny, and ready to go. This may be the month, but as the weather is likely to be unsettled through March you’ll need to see how it goes. However…there are other March jobs to keep you out of mischief!

  1. The recent weather has been awful – you may have noticed! Many of you will have waterlogged lawns, so it’s worth going around digging a garden fork into your lawn to help water drain away.
  2. High winds may have scattered debris across your grass too. Get out your rake and a stiff broom to gently remove anything that may damage your lawn or encourage fungi. If you turf is particularly wet, either wait until it’s drier or do this with care. Otherwise you may end up pulling out clumps of grass too. Help our wildlife! If you place some of the smaller debris (tiny twigs, moss, lichen etc) near your feeders, this may be collected by nesting birds.
  3. The winter weather was great for moss, so if this is something you hate to see in your garden keep and eye out and remove as necessary. Read our Be the Moss Boss blog post for advice on this.
  4. Once your lawn wakes up and starts growing again, it’s a good idea to supply it with good quality fertilizer to help it on its way. Usually April is a good time to do this, but keep an eye on your little patch of land and see how it goes. Some gardens in the south may benefit from early fertilising.
  5. Trim around the edges of your lawn; a little cut goes a long way to making your lawn look respectable! A sharp edging tool will get it in good shape, but if you really want to show your neighbours how it’s done, place a plank along the edge your trimming and stand on it to keep it in place. The plank acts like a ruler and gives you a super-straight edge!
  6. Help our wildlife! If you do get to crack out the lawn mower this month, your grass clippings can benefit bees and other creature.
    1. Detach the box and let the clippings lie on your lawn (gasp of horror!)…
    2. …just until the clippings to dry out.
    3. Once they’re dry, place the clippings up in a quiet, dry corner in your garden.
    4. Bumble bees and even slow worms may decide to call this unassuming place home.

TLC (Terrific Lawn Care) - March guide! Paynes Turf