Are you thinking about installing a new lawn but unsure whether to lay turf or apply grass seed? In this article we’ll discuss the advantages of laying turf versus grass seed so that you can make an informed decision.


The advantages of turf

  • The biggest advantage when laying turf is that the result is instant, and the grass can be walked on and used as soon as the turf has established – usually within a month
  • Turf can be laid all year round, providing there is no snow or frost present. In fact laying turf in the winter is ideal because the cooler weather helps to make the hard work of ground preparation a little easier. In addition, the turf will lay undisturbed without footfall while it establishes strong roots
  • Turf is quick and easy for repairing worn patches, holes and dips – simply cut out the affected area using a garden spade and replace with the turf
  • Unlike grass seed, it will not wash away during rainfall, or be eaten by birds
  • Less watering is required than when applying grass seed. To find out when and how much you should water new turf, please click here.

The advantages of using grass seed

  • Grass seed is economical and easy to apply
  • There are more varieties of grass seed to choose from than varieties of turf
  • For repairs and small areas it offers a quick and easy solution
  • Grass seed can be applied much faster than turf can be laid
  • Excess seed can be stored and used for future repairs and when overseeding.

The disadvantages of using turf

  • Turf is more expensive than grass seed
  • Turf must be laid within 24 hours of delivery and cannot be stored.

The disadvantages of using grass seed

  • Cannot be applied all year round – generally spring or early autumn is the ideal time
  • Takes time to grow – it’s not unusual for grass seed to take at least a couple of months to grow, and up to 12 months to mature
  • Seeded lawns sometimes need to be reseeded, especially if birds eat the seed or the seed is washed away by rainfall
  • Grass seed needs more aftercare than turf – in particular, more watering
  • It can be overwhelming when deciding which seed mix to use as there are so many varieties on the market
  • Cats tend to use the newly seeded soil as a toilet.