The autumn months are ideal for laying a new lawn, so if you’re thinking about returfing your lawn, read on for Paynes Turf’s top ten reasons for laying a new lawn this November.

  1. It makes you feel good – laying new turf gives instant results and makes you feel like you’ve achieved something really worthwhile (it’s true!).
  2. It’s quick and simple to do – laying a new lawn can be completed in under a few hours for most homeowners with an average sized garden, or in a day for those with larger gardens. It’s also a straightforward process – one person can lay turf on his or her own quite easily.
  3. The instant wow factor – instant results can be achieved straight away as opposed to seeding a lawn with lawn seed, where the process can take weeks.
  4. It’s great for people with pets and/or animals – the garden will only be out of bounds for a day or two after laying new turf, unlike seeding a lawn that can be a no go zone for several weeks. Keep everyone in the family happy, including our four legged friends.
  5. Strong roots – the roots will establish quickly and deeply, resulting in a strong green lawn, which will flourish and last for years.
  6. Little mowing required – grass grows very slowly at this time of year, if at all, so the newly laid turf will have time to establish undisturbed.
  7. Little or no watering needed – it’s often raining at this time of year, so generally speaking, after the initial watering at the laying stage there’s little or no need to water the new turf.
  8. The ground is just right – it isn’t too wet, too warm, or too frosty to lay new turf, making it the perfect time to do it.
  9. The weather is much cooler – and more comfortable to do the important work of preparing the ground before laying the turf. Getting the ground prepped for laying turf can be hard work, so make life easier and do it when it’s cooler.
  10. The turf will be well established by the summer – over the winter and spring, the turf will have plenty of time to establish deep roots which will result in a lush green lawn ready to use in the summer when you want to spend time relaxing in the garden.
Ten reasons for laying a new lawn in autumn Paynes Turf

The lawn will only be out of use for a couple of days which will keep our four legged friends happy!


So, if you still need convincing, just think of all the time and money saved on watering the new turf – a lawn that has been laid in the summer will require watering every day for up to 3 weeks, as opposed to a lawn that has been laid in the autumn which may need watering only once, depending upon the weather of course!