Autumn is the prefect time to lay a new lawn using turf, so if you’re considering making the effort but need a little convincing, read on for Paynes Turfs’ top ten reasons for laying a new lawn this autumn.Ten reasons for laying a new lawn this autumn Paynes Turf


  1. The grass takes root easily – Ideal conditions allow the roots of the grass to grow strong and healthy, which will result in a beautiful, lush, green lawn by the time the spring arrives.
  1. Turf will establish quickly – Warm, moist soil is the perfect basis to allow the turf to establish well.
  1. There’s less watering required – New turf will be watered regularly by the rain, so needs very little additional watering by you.
  1. Less mowing required – The growth of grass begins to slow down in the autumn, which means that less mowing will be required and the new turf can be left relatively undisturbed (and you can keep your feet up!)
  1. The turf will be well established by the summer – With many months to establish and grow thick and strong, your lawn will be prepared for anything the family can throw at it by the time summer arrives!
  1. The outside temperature is just right – Laying a new lawn during warm weather can be really hard work. On the other hand, the autumn weather is cooler and easier to work in and is ideal for laying a new lawn.
  1. You get that instant feeling of accomplishment – After all of your hard work there’s nothing better than to stand back and admire your brand new lawn.
  1. It’s great for people with pets – Laying a new lawn using turf is ideal when there are pets in the family, as the lawn will only be out of bounds for a few days, just until the lawn is established.
  1. The ground is easy to prepare – The soil is moist and easy to dig which means less work for you (and you’ll be finished in record time!).
  1. The neighbours are sure to be impressed! – There’s nothing like a fresh new lawn to turn your next-door neighbours green with envy, and possibly the rest of the street too. However, don’t boast too much about your gorgeous new lawn or you may be asked to install a few more!