Deal with a patchy lawn this spring.Spring lawn care - Deal with a patchy lawn Paynes Turf

Spring is an ideal time to repair bare patches in your lawn, as it will recover quickly in the damp, cool conditions. Patches of bare grass can appear in a lawn for many different reasons and it’s always best to deal with them as they appear, as weeds will tend to spring up in a bare patch of grass. So, make the most of the warm spring weather and repair any damage in your lawn this month.

A patchy lawn can be repaired using either turf or grass seed. Turf will give you instant results with little maintenance, but repairing with grass seed will be more cost-effective and can sometimes be easier to use in any hard to reach areas such as on slopes or under trees.

Using turf

  1. Cut out a square in the bare patch of lawn using a spade or a half-moon edging tool. Lift out the turf with the spade.
  2. Lightly rake over the soil in the hole and level out.
  3. Cut out a square from a new turf and place it inside the hole, pushing the sides together firmly with your hands.
  4. Fill in any gaps around the edges by brushing in a fine loam.
  5. Water the area thoroughly.

Using grass seed.

  1. Rake over the bare patches to loosen the soil.
  2. Spread fine loam over the area, sweeping in with a brush to level off.
  3. If the area to be seeded is small you can apply the grass seed by hand, sprinkling evenly, or if the area is large, you could use a fertilizer spreader.
  4. Lightly pack the seeds into the soil by firming down with your feet, then water-in the seeds thoroughly and continue to water every day for at least 2 weeks.