Spring lawn care

Is your lawn looking a little tired? The winter months can take their toll on our lawns with wet and soggy conditions and little or no mowing having been carried out. However spring is definitely in the air, which means it’s time to get the lawn mower dusted off and ready for action. Find out all about spring lawn care with useful tips and advice from Paynes Turf.

Mow the lawn

As long as the lawn is dry, you can mow the grass this month. Set the mower on the highest setting for the first cut, but remember to never cut more than the top third off the top of the grass at any one time. Gradually lower the mower setting with each subsequent cut, until you reach the desired height.

Spring lawn care Paynes Turf

Aerate the lawn

March is a great time to aerate the lawn. Aeration will help with any ongoing drainage problems and will also allow air and light to reach the roots of the grass, which will assist with healthier and stronger growth. Find out how to aerate a lawn here.

Spring lawn care Paynes Turf

Remove worm casts

Worm casts are small heaps of muddy soil that appear on a lawn. They are the waste products from the guts of earthworms that live in the soil all year round. The worms normally excrete these deposits below the surface, however during wet weather they tend to come up to the surface to do this. Earthworms provide enormous benefits in our soil as their burrowing naturally improves aeration and drainage, plus they recycle nutrients into the soil which improves its structure.

To remove worm casts, make sure that they are dry and simply use a stiff broom to brush the deposits into the lawn.

Lay a new lawn

Spring is an ideal time to lay new turf:

  • The weather is warming up
  • There’s usually plenty of rainfall
  • The new turf will have longer to establish before heavy use in the summer
  • The old lawn will be easier to remove
  • The lawn will require less watering

Always make sure that the ground is prepared before you order your turf, and lay the turf on the same day as it’s delivered. Find out how to lay a new lawn here.

Spring lawn care Paynes Turf