Paynes Turf has recently delivered a shipment of its high quality Premium Grade Turf to a prestigious golf club on the island of Jersey, making it the company’s very first overseas delivery. What’s more, the order was placed via Paynes’ Facebook page – another first for the Essex-based turf and topsoil supplier.

Paynes Turf has a number of social media channels, including FaceBook and Twitter, where news, pictures, tips and offers are shared. Followers of Paynes Turf’s social media channels often engage with the company, but as per the presiding industry norm, trade orders are usually placed over the phone or via email directly with Paynes Turf.

“I was quite surprised when we received the order for turf via a Facebook message, especially as it was to a brand new trade client, quite a large order of four pallets, and overseas of course. I think it shows that the conventional way of conducting business is changing, even in traditional industries like turf, and that social media offers lots of opportunities for both businesses and clients. Paynes Turf is always improving its already exceptional service, and we’re very happy to embrace social media as a way of buying, if it benefits our customers,” commented John Payne, Partner at Paynes Turf.

Despite the distance, Paynes’ turf was delivered quickly and on time to the client in Jersey. The process saw Paynes’ Premium Grade Turf cut, harvested, and palletised in Essex, sent to the port in Portsmouth by Paynes’ delivery vehicle, transferred onto a lorry via forklift, and then ferried to the island for delivery.

“The whole process was quick and easy, from the first Facebook message through to liaising with the lorry at the port – everything went seamlessly and the client was delighted to receive the turf so fast and with such ease,” said Mr Payne.

“We look forward to delivering Paynes’ turf and topsoil products to more overseas clients in the future – and of course, welcoming orders, whether overseas or domestic, via social media,” he concluded.

If you would like to connect with Paynes Turf via Facebook to order turf for your next project, please ‘like’ us on our Facebook page (Paynes Turf) and send us a message. Alternatively, send us an email on, or give us a call on 01255 830325 and speak to a member of our friendly team.