Winter is here, and while the prospect of snow delights many, it really is sno’ fun for your lawn. With a little help and advice from Essex Turf Suppliers, Payne’s Turf, you can ensure the grass will be greener on your side of the fence next spring.

At this time of year, much like us humans, your lawn likes to hibernate, spend less energy and generally chill out. The dormant nature of anything green in the winter also gives us a good excuse to relax, in earnest for the coming of spring.

There are still jobs to be done in the garden, to keep your lawn looking its best until the re-growth in the warmer weather. Try to keep foot traffic to a minimum; the grass can be easily damaged in its dormant state. Keep the lawn clear of any debris or fallen leaves; apart from ‘suffocating’ the grass, it will also serve as a second home for an array of unwanted garden pests.

Winterkill is severe damage to your lawn caused by ice and snow cover of prolonged periods of more than 30 days. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about laying snow for that amount of time, however snow cover can create warmer, insulated conditions near the surface of the soil, resulting in mould growth.

Don’t be tempted to fed the lawn during the winter, you could quite easily kill it. Wait until the spring and give your lawn the best possible start for the year.

Try not to cut your grass. Sometimes, even during the cold winter months we can experience a warm spell, which will revive the grass and give it a short growth spurt. In this case, just give it a quick trim, removing only the top third of growth.

If you’re planning to re-turf in the spring, dig over the area in the winter months and leave the soil in big clumps for the frost to break up naturally. As soon as the frosts recede, you can get cracking on laying your new lawn.

It’s always best to prepare your lawn for winter in the warmer autumn months with a good feed and aeration of the soil. This way, you give your grass the best viable protection over the cold period and enable it to regenerate as soon as spring arrives.

With all that predicted R&R for your lawnmower, now is a great time to have it serviced so that it is ready and waiting for the green grass of springtime.

Snow fun for turf this winter Paynes Turf