Many homeowners up and down the country are starting off the New Year with a saturated lawn, thanks to the seemingly continuous rain we’ve been experiencing. If your lawn tends to become saturated every time it rains it’s worth looking to remedy the problem and avoid possible damage. Read on for expert advice on waterlogged lawns from Essex turf grower Paynes Turf.

At the bare minimum grass requires oxygen and water to grow strong and healthy. When a lawn becomes saturated air cannot reach the roots of the grass and eventually the grass dies as a result of being starved of oxygen. During prolonged waterlogging, grass will begin to show signs of damage so it’s important to try to reduce the chance of the lawn becoming saturated wherever possible.

Firstly, remember to aerate your lawn every year as this will help to drain away laying water. To aerate your lawn use a garden fork to perforate the lawn and allow water to pass through. Poke holes in the lawn around 15cm deep and every 15cm across. This will allow essential nutrients and air to reach the roots of the grass, and help water to drain away much more quickly. Aerating will also help to alleviate problems associated with compacted lawns. It’s a good idea to apply a horticultural dressing afterwards, brushing it into the holes to create ‘drainage channels’. Repeated applications of a horticultural dressing over time will help with drainage problems in heavy clay soils.

Aerating a lawn is best carried out during the autumn months, so until then give your lawn a feed this spring with a suitable fertiliser. A fertiliser will help to develop a stronger root system and help the grass to recover when damage occurs.

When autumn arrives aerate the lawn and then apply an autumn fertiliser. This will continue to strengthen up the root system.

If you have a saturated lawn it’s best to try to stay off it until the water has dissipated as you could damage the delicate grass plants. Once the lawn is dry carry out a regular lawn car maintenance programme to keep it in tiptop condition all year round. Read our lawn care guide here.